This year, in partnership with advertising agency IXM Machina, UPMG aims to attract the next generation of print media advocates through their #PrintPower campaign. In line with its mission and vision, UPMG has decided to upgrade its branding to attract a younger crowd and show them the power of print.

To start the campaign, UPMG decided to change its logo entirely—from an out-of style logo to one that will attract the younger generation. The page symbol in place of the letter “p” shows that UPMG is turning a new leaf. The use of teal—a combination of blue and green—for the background, on the other hand, represents the UPMG’s limitless possibilities as high as the blue sky, and its resolve to stay grounded in its traditions, never forgetting the reason for its establishment and existence.

Another part of UPMG’s print campaign is its selection of an advocate. This advocate is a millennial influencer who believes in the power of print. He/she will need to release a statement supporting #PrintPower, and become the breathing embodiment of the campaign. Lastly, merchandise supporting the campaign will also be made to spread the word. Each shirt will have a unique, creative statement supporting the print campaign as well as the UPMG logo.