This summer, in July 2016, UPMG brought the entire team to the Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas for some fun in the sun. Nearly the entire team got together to enjoy a day out while reinforcing the sense of unity that UPMG has instilled in all of its members. Everyone enjoyed all of the day’s activities.

The travel from Manila to Laiya— thanks to Nissan and Philstar—was just as enjoyable as the rest of the trip. Car-mates had time to catch up with each other and “kwento” their experiences outside the office. In addition to that, the amazing sights along the way were definitely post-worthy. The entire day was packed with activities—from beach games to raffles with amazing prizes.

Hosted by United Daily News, Manila Times, Panay News and PDI Hinge, each activity was a hit with all of the members. This year’s event was able to achieve its goal—unite the members and bring everyone closer together. All attendees went home with smiles on their faces and new friends. Thanks, UPMG, for the amazing day.