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United Print & Multimedia Group, Inc. (UPMG, Inc.) is a progressive organization of print media and publication companies in the Philippines. Its thrust is towards promoting the continuous development and pursuit of excellence in the Philippine print media industry.

UPMG Turns a Page at 15

From a simple merger to one of the largest groups of print organizations in the country, UPMG has been one of the most prestigious firms in the print industry since 2001. Through their work in media, UPMG’s member organizations have continuously inspired the Filipino people, and now, in year 2016, the group looks forward to focusing on inspiring the next generation.

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Industry News

2024 1st General Membership Awards & HEADLINERS Awards 2023

  The UPMGPhil HEADLINERS AWARDS: The United Print and Multimedia Group Philippines held its annual Headliner’s Awards at the Manila Hotel. The HeADliners Awards is UPMGPhil’s initiative to give due recognition to agencies and clients who have been supportive of...

UPMG DENIMerry Christmas Party 2023

The UPMG DENIMerry Christmas Party was held at Midas Hotel & Casino, December 13, 2023. Here are the pictures from the event...   [gallery...


  The Opening of UPMG Philippines’ TINTA PRINT MEDIA FESTIVAL EXHIBIT — Honoring the local creative industries and celebrating the artistry & relevance of the country’s print and publishing industry.             Here are some...

Ad Standards Council’s Radio and Digital Video Commercials

Here is the complete set of ASC's Communications campaign in line with its 15th anniversary celebration. RADIO ADS: Standards RC30s - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5xndNicOsM Kanya-Kanyang Gimik RC 30s - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQWQ-D_STJ8 Budol RC 30s...

UPMG is the premier organization of publication companies strongly united in ensuring sustainability and relevance of the print media.
To undertake various programs through active participation of members. To help the organization become an effective representative and lead caretaker of the print media industry and strengthen relations with various stakeholders.

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