2nd UPMG General Membership Meeting

The 2nd UPMG General Membership Meeting at Winford Hotel, March 4, 2020. The event’s hosted by Malaya Business Insight.




Empowered women of the UPMG Board (from left)-Audit. Annie Grefal (Manila Standard),
Vice Pres. Jay Sarmiento (PhilStar Media Group),and Chief of Staff Badette Cunanan (Manila Bulletin).


Sir Mitch of Malaya Business Insight welcomes the Program




Ms. Vivienne Motomal of Phil Journalist and Ms Grace Soliman Laurel of Philstar






Miss Karen Nicole Piccio talks: Can Woman Have It All?




Miss Thelma Meneses talks about “What makes a woman empowered” during the 2nd UPMG GMM.