United Print Multimedia Group, Inc. (UPMG, Inc.) is a progressive organization of print media and publication companies in the Philippines. Its thrust is towards promoting the continuous development and pursuit of excellence in the Philippine print media industry.

UPMG is one of the sectoral members of the Advertising Standards Council (ASC) and the Advertising Trade Practice Council formerly known as Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard).

UPMG is a formidable professional organization, composed of companies publishing major dailies, broadsheets, magazines and tabloids circulated in the Philippines and overseas.

UPMG was founded in July 27, 2001, from a merger of PRIMO (Print Media Organization) and PRADO (Print Advertising Organization), resulting in one “Unified” group.

UPMG also works vigorously towards the standardization of print media policies and regulations as well as it values and ethical practices. It now boasts of more than 31 active member-publications with over 100 titles. With the collaborative effort of all its members.

UPMG promotes creativity, innovation and quality in the works of its members and the industry as a whole to keep it vibrant, relevant and competitive. It also keeps the bar of ethical standards and practices high, while upholding the principles of enjoying freedom and independence of the press while doing so with a moral sense of responsibility. While carrying out its traditional roles of informing, educating and entertaining the public and participates in social development and nation building.

UPMG is steadfast in safeguarding as well the interest of Philippine print media.

VISION UPMG is the premier organization of publication companies strongly united in ensuring sustainability and relevance of the print media.


To undertake various programs through active participation of members. To help the organization become an effective representative and lead caretaker of the print media industry and strengthen relations with various stakeholders.