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United Print Media Group, Inc. (UPMG, Inc.) is a progressive organization of print media and publication companies in the Philippines. Its thrust is towards promoting the continuous development and pursuit of excellence in the Philippine print media industry.

UPMG Turns a Page at 15

From a simple merger to one of the largest groups of print organizations in the country, UPMG has been one of the most prestigious firms in the print industry since 2001. Through their work in media, UPMG’s member organizations have continuously inspired the Filipino people, and now, in year 2016, the group looks forward to focusing on inspiring the next generation.

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Industry News

PageOne’s Ron Jabal talks at UPMG 9th GMM

Emphasizing that Print will always have its unique and powerful credibility and integrity, Ron Jabal, CEO of PageOne Group, reiterated the importance of Print among competing digital platforms at UPMG's 9th General Membership Meeting held last October 2, 2018 at Marco...

The MANILA MANDATE: A Covenant of Commitment to TRUTH

  Sept. 28, 2018- The 25th National PR Congress with this year's theme, "Truth or Tolls: PR in the Age of Disinformation" gathered executives of PR and Communication organizations to commit to prevent the emergence of prolific fake news. Manila Mandate was signed...

Print still sells in the Digital World: Ad Sales Seminar 2018

United Print Media Group conducted the Salesmanship Training Program with its theme, “Selling Print in the Digital World”,   last September 5, 2018 at the Bayanihan Annex, Mandaluyong city. The 123 attendees were mostly from the Sales and Marketing department of...

8th Board Meeting at Persephone Restaurant, Makati City

United Print Media Group Board of Directors conducted their 8th Board Meeting last August 17, 2018 at the known seafood restaurant located at Makati city, Persephone Restaurant. The board meeting was sponsored  and shared by Social Security System.


UPMG is the premier organization of publication companies strongly united in ensuring sustainability and relevance of the print media.


To undertake various programs through active participation of members. To help the organization become an effective representative and lead caretaker of the print media industry and strengthen relations with various stakeholders.

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