Mr. Bobby Simborio, PANA’s Executive Director, introduced Philippine Association of National Advertisers to UPMG members before the discussion of Ms. Blen Fernando begins.

PANA (Philippine Association of National Advertisers) leads the way for the associations to embrace a culture of excellence as an Active Partner and Unique investor in our business relationship” said Ms. Blen Fernando, Vice President and TM for Marketing of Alaska Milk Corporation.  She was also the former PANA President for 3 terms. Fernando discussed “The Role of PANA in the Print Industry” during the United Print Media Group’s April General Membership Meeting last April 12, 2019 at Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant, Makati city.

Ms. Fernando as she explains industry-related concerns raised by UPMG members

Moreover, she shared her most anticipated challenges and deeply-rooted experiences while ascending to her success in the field of advertising and leadership. Fernando also gave advices to UPMG members on how to create unique and meaningful ad materials and therefore build trusted and credible content and format.

Ms. Fernando sharing powerful advice to the GMM attendees.

“Stop; think of it first, Look; know the plans, and Listen to both sides”, she said. Before ending the discussion, she tackled how Print can coordinate with their distinctive traits and make it their edge in this digital era; because for her Print can always have its digital counterpart but can never be replaced by them.

Mr. Simborio answers membership inquiries from UPMG members.


United Print Media Group handed the Token of Appreciation to Ms. Blen Fernando and Mr. Bobby Simborio for being the Guest Speakers of April GMM 2019.


Ms. Caros Roxas of TeaM Energy

UPMG’s 3rd GMM was sponsored by TeaM Energy and hosted by Publications Bandera, Manila Standard, and Journal Group of Publications.