ABS-CBN and Advertising Foundation of the Philippines Renew Partnership for the 11th ARAW Values Advertising Awards :
All signatories of the partnership agreement on the industry’s 11th ARAW Values Advertising Awards, signed recently between the premier TV and entertainment network, ABS-CBN , represented by its top management officials, and the social development institution and advocacy body of the advertising and marketing communications industry, the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines (Ad Foundation), represented by its board members and executive officers as well as by the officials of the 11th ARAW Values Awards Organizing Committee, held recently at the Chronicle Lounge 9501 of ABS-CBN ‘s ELJ Communications Center at Quezon City :
L-R : Roberto Barreiro, Head of ABS-CBN Special Events Group ; Carmencita “Chit” Guerrero of ABS-CBN Special Projects Group; Jose August Benitez, Head of ABS-CBN Integrated Sales; Roland Valdueza, Chief Finance Officer of ABS-CBN; Ma. Socorro “Cory” Vidanes, COO for Broadcasting; Carlo L. Katigbak, ABS-CBN President & CEO; and Martin ‘Mark” Lopez, ABS-CBN Chairman of the Board —
Center : ABS-CBN Chairman Emeritus Eugenio “Gabby “ Lopez II in a handshake with Ad Foundation Chairman of the Board & ARAW Values Awards Presiding Chairman, Ruperto :Jun” Nicdao. Jr.
L.-R. : Ma. Belen “Blen” Fernando, Ad Foundation board member & 11th ARAW Values Awards Overall Organizing Chairperson; Ed G. Sunico; Ad Foundation board member & International Relations Officer; Joselito Yabut, board member & 11th ARAW Values Awards Competition Management Chairman; Vince Reyes, board member and Comptroller & 11th ARAW Values Awards Production Chairman; Linda C. Gamboa, foundation Assistant Board Secretary & Executive Director and ARAW Values Awards Project Director; Marilyn “Len” Pozon, 11th ARAW Values Awards Deputy Chairperson; and Herminia “Hermie” de Leon, Ad Foundation & 11th ARAW Values Awards Ways & Means Chairperson

ABS-CBN, the country’s leading broadcast media network and entertainment company, has sealed once more its partnership with the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines (Ad Foundation), the social development institution and advocacy body of the multisector marketing communications industry, for the upcoming 11th ARAW Values Advertising Awards, the only one of its kind anchored on 7 ARAW Cornerstone Values, that recognize outstanding and values oriented marketing communications campaigns in the Philippines.

Leading the recent partnership agreement signing at the Chronicle Lounge of ABS-CBN were top management officials of ABS-CBN Chairman Emeritus Eugenio “Gabby”  Lopez, Chairman Martin “ Mark” Lopez, President & CEO Carlo L. Katigbak, COO for Broadcast Socorro “Cory” Vidanes,  Chief Finance Officer Rolando “Ron” Valdueza and Head of Integrated Sales Jose August Benitez, and for Ad Foundation,  its board members and executive officers, with its Chairman of the Board and ARAW Values Awards Presiding Chairman Ruperto Nicdao, Jr., of Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP),  board member and 11th ARAW Values Awards Organizing Committee Overall Chairperson Ma. Belen “Blen” Fernando of PANA Foundation (PANAF),  foundation  International Relations Officer Jose Edgardo G. Sunico of Unilever Phils., foundation board member and Comptroller Vince Reyes of Executive Decisions IMCF, board member and Chairman of 11th ARAW Values Awards Competition Management Committee, and foundation Assistant board secretary and executive director, Linda C. Gamboa.

The Ad Foundation executive committee and its 11th ARAW Values Awards organizing committee also presented a joint declaration honoring the late ABS-CBN Foundation Chairman Regina Paz “Gina” Lopez for her staunch efforts in protecting the environment.

“The Advertising Foundation stands for the seven cornerstone values, and one of them is about the environment,” Ma. Belen (Blen) Fernando, board  member of the Advertising Foundation and 11th  ARAW Values overall organizing chairperson, said.

“For us, Gina is the symbol of the kind of person who fights for the preservation of the environment and we wanted to honor her for all her work, as well as for the love and care she gave people,” she added.

The foundation also recognized ABS-CBN Chairman Emeritus Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III and the Lopez family for their untiring support for the Ad Foundation, and  continuing commitment to its advocacy marketing programs and projects for over some two decades.

The biennial ARAW Values Advertising Awards, made more relevant, inclusive and progressive this year, aims to recognize advertising campaigns that uphold Filipino values based on these ARAW  Cornerstone Values: love of God and respect for religious beliefs; commitment to truth, honesty, and integrity; love of country and respect for national customs and traditions; reverence for family unit or marriage or responsible parenthood; respect and care for human life, dignity and the rights of all; respect for law and authority and the promotion of self- discipline; and concern for and preservation of the environment.

“We’ve discussed amongst ourselves how these values should be interpreted in the current world. It was different 20 years ago. The principles are the same. The values are the same. But there are certain things that have changed in the environment,” Ms. Fernando said. “It’s a matter of how you express them in the current advertising landscape.”

Aside from recognizing the best displays of Filipino values, a special set of awards will also be given to advertising campaigns for technical excellence. The call for entries for this year’s ARAW Values Awards is now open.

The ARAW Values Awards Night will be held in November at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater and will have a delayed telecast in December, with “global feed” by the network affiliate, The Filipino Channel (TFC), in 7 territories worldwide.


For more information, log in to http://www.adfoundation.com.ph/arawawards/ or call up Ad Foundation staff assistant, Liezl Rebullida, at telephone nos. 812 – 6702; 812 – 6231 or mobile no. 0915 -6436-589.