UPMG successfully held its 10th General Membership Meeting, hosted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, at the PDI Hall in Makati last November 9.

Memo Moreno of Mindshare Philippines, one of the biggest media agencies in the country, was the guest speaker for the event, wherein she discussed about the “Media Trends and Outlooks for 2019”.

Memo Moreno presented percentage of Trends Medium in Support to her topic, “Media Trends & Outlook for 2019”.

From a media practitioner’s perspective, Moreno shared her thoughts with the UPMG members and talked about possible ways of maintaining the strength and relevance of print media.

According to Moreno, print media is still valued by its consumers regardless of the media revolution throughout the years. “We have to find those specific people who are still reading newspapers. We would need to fight to keep them with this medium,” said Moreno. She also said that the key to keep the consumers to stay with the print medium is to know how to keep them interested in it.

UPMG Members listen carefully as Memo explains the relevance of Print medium as of today in each generation.

With the great influence of digital media nowadays, Moreno also talked about the importance of keeping the online version of newspapers, news websites, and social media news accounts active and updated, since a lot of people consume news online.

Before her presentation ended, UPMG members asked her a few questions, which she entertained and answered. UPMG members also discussed their concerns regarding the topic. Amidst their discussion, Rene Reinoso, PDI’s COO came to the event to meet them.

R to L- CRB Head Sherly Baula (Chinese Commercial News), Auditor Annie Grefal (Manila Standard), President Barbie Atienza (Manila Bulletin), Speaker Memo Moreno (Mindshare Philippines), Philippine Daily Inquirer COO Rene Reinoso, and Director Marvin Estigoy (BusinessMirror)

Barbie Atienza, UPMG’s president, urged the members to start exploring and take the initiative to get into digital. “I challenge everyone to participate and become members of the ‘think tank’ of UPMG,” he said. He encouraged everyone to start contemplating in looking at ways and means, by which UPMG can do two things: One, protect its niche. Two, know what the consumers want.

UPMG President Barbie Atienza delivers his 11th President Report to the GMM Attendees.

Atienza presented his report on the recent accomplishments done by UPMG. He also announced the upcoming activities for the remaining days of the year and other plans for 2019.

Evelyn Arevalo (The Manila Times) and Marvin Estigoy (BusinessMirror)- Birthday Celebrants for the Month of November.

While handling Mon Abrea’s book “Got A Question About Taxes? #ASKTHETAXWHIZ Train Edition, 11th GMM Attendees took their traditional groufie with the Philippine Tax Whiz, Mon Abrea, after he gives talk about the updates and information of Tax Reform in the Philippine Tax System.


(Article and Photos by: Abby Avenido)