From a simple merger to one of the largest groups of print organizations in the country, UPMG has been one of the most prestigious firms in the print industry since 2001. Through their work in media, UPMG’s member organizations have continuously inspired the Filipino people, and now, in year 2016, the group looks forward to focusing on inspiring the next generation.

UNITED PRINT MEDIA GROUP, INC. 15 years of excellence.

ADVOCACY: UPMG believes in the standardization of print media policies, regulations, values, and ethical practices.

BEGINNING: On July 27, 2001, the United Print Media Group (UPMG) was formed through a merger between Print Media Organization (PRIMO) and Print Advertising Organization (PRADO).

GOALS: UPMG aims to promote creativity, innovation, and quality in the print industry. Moreover, it aims to raise the bar of ethical standards while upholding the principles of freedom, independence, and responsibility.

ABOUT US: UPMG is a professional organization with 31 active member-publicationscompanies that publish major dailies, broadsheets, magazines, and tabloids, among others.

WHAT’S NEW This year, UPMG is ready to reintroduce the benefits of print media to the millennial generation. From rebranding the logo to introducing new print advocates, UPMG is ready to get print back in style.