On September 6, 2016, the 6th UPMG GMM was organized, hosted by Business Mirror, Pinoy OFW Today and People’s Balita. UPMG members got together to listen to an informative and heartfelt talk by the President of the Philippine Heart Association, Dr. Raul L. Lapitan, MD.

After lunch at the Passion Chinese Restaurant in Resorts World Manila, Dr. Lapitan gave a talk about the government’s new initiative, The Save a Life, Learn CPR program. He started his talk by introducing the program, and ended it by inviting UPMG members to help the program gain traction by telling people about the importance of a healthy heart and the necessity of learning CPR.

By showing everyone videos about the consequences of an unhealthy heart and presenting various situations wherein CPR can be used to save a life, Dr. Lapitan was truly able to drive the point home. Since health is a personal and universal issue, after Dr. Lapitan’s talk, everyone was ready to ask their questions.

The Q&A portion of his talk covered personal heart problems to general questions, and everyone was highly engaged and curious to hear the doctor’s answers. He stated earlier that the Philippines and Vietnam are the only countries in Asia without a CPR program—this step towards development is not only a great achievement for the nation, but an amazing step for the Filipino people.